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Bob's Story

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How it all started

This story starts in the year 2017 when I was around a chef in a restaurant I used to serve in. This chef decided to ferment and bottle his own hot sauce for the restaurant which I thought was unique.  I was familiar with the popular name brands and the sauces they were able to produce; however, the sauce the chef created was different.  The peppers he used, the fermentation process, and even the vinegar created a flavor unknown to me.  I questioned everything I came to know about hot sauces, and sadly, I did not know much at the time.

This lack of knowledge I possessed brought me to the quest of asking and learning how such a sauce could be created.  The chef explained his process to me which made me believe that I could create a similar pepper sauce. 


Well, that summer, I went on that quest.  My parents always grow jalapenos in their garden so I decided to take a good portion from them and go on the fermentation route of my own.  After the process was all said and done, I finally had my own sauce and let me tell you what, it was good and different.

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As summer wound down and the fresh supply of homegrown peppers diminished, I branched out and tried some peppers from the store.  I was able to produce a sauce, but never the same as freshness is always vital to a sauce.

On Valentine's Day of 2018, my lovely girlfriend, who is my wife now, decided to give me the gift of seeds; however, these were not any normal seeds.  They were some of the hottest peppers known to man.  She threw the gasoline on this fire of getting me to grow some extreme heat peppers that are not normally found in stores.

Every growing season I had a crop of fresh peppers that I could play with and create sauces that are truly unique in flavor.  Anyone can throw a hot pepper into a bottle and say have fun with the heat, but my passion was trying to get the flavor of the pepper to come out in a way that can add flavor and an experience to food. This passion has brought me to creating and making the sauces people will be trying from my world.

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